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Na:Pac research on incentive solutions and explore opportunities in moulding technology and raw material to develop unique shape and design.
Products can be made into
ITEM NO. : PT010
Natural Plate - Dolphin
ITEM NO. : PS080
Natural Plate - Small Wave Square
ITEM NO. : PS150
Natural Plate - Medium Wave Square
ITEM NO. : PS205
Natural Plate - Large Wave Square
ITEM NO. : BT600
Natural Bowl - Large Triangular
ITEM NO. : PT011
Natural Plate - w/Cup Holder Triangular
ITEM NO. : PS224
Natural Plate - Flat Bottom Square
ITEM NO. : PR263
Natural Plate - Flat Bottom 3-Compartment
Natural Plate - 3.5" Small Square (Ceramic)
ITEM NO. : AK918
Natural Plate - 3.5" x 7" Retangular (Ceramic)
ITEM NO. : AK270
Natural Plate - 3.5" x 10.6" Retangular (Ceramic)
ITEM NO. : AK180
Natural Plate - 7" Medium Square (Ceramic)
ITEM NO. : AK220
Natural Plate - 8.7" Large Square (Ceramic)
ITEM NO. : BT115
Natural Bowl - Dessert Cup
ITEM NO. : PZ128
Natural Bowl - Dessert Bowl Elliptical
ITEM NO. : PE037
Natural Plate - Pizza
ITEM NO. : CR800
Natural Container - Tray Elliptical 2-Compartment
ITEM NO. : BT300
Natural Bowl - 300ml Triangular
ITEM NO. : PZ122
Natural Plate - Small Seashell
ITEM NO. : PZ170
Natural Plate - Large Seashell

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