• About Na:Pac

Na:Pac has a wide range of high quality single-use foodservice packaging products made from natural materials. The products are made of renewable plant materials such as bamboo. The natural materials make Na:Pac products totally decomposable by reuniting with the earth - very eco friendly.
Na:Pac packaging products have all the qualities of traditional catering disposable packaging. It is ideal for daily foodservice. Caring for you as well as the environment, Na:Pac provides packaging solutions to upgrade the quality of our lives and minimize waste and pollutions.

Why Na:Pac

Using Na:Pac products is the best way to show your commitment in protecting the environment. It brings a fresh image that reflects the uniqueness of your company and will make your customers feel good about caring for the environment.
100% bio-degradable
Made from fast-growing renewable natural raw materials
Meet international food safety standards
Can be used for cold and warm dishe
Can be put in freezer and microwave (up to 100 ⁰C)
Water resistance and oil resistance
Optional closure with patented “Na: Pac Lock” lid
Wide range for every possible application

Behind Na:Pac

The Na:Pac products are developed by Eko Enterprise, one of the world‘s most innovative providers in moulded fibre food packaging. Eko Enterprise is dedicated to produce eco friendly products for foodservice industry.

Eko Enterprise is a pioneer green-innovator in developing, manufacturing and selling moulded fibre catering disposables. The experience and technology in mould fibre which Eko Enterprise provides is beyond comparison. The company is always in pace with the changing needs of the market.

Eko Enterprise has developed a close relationship with distributors around the world. With continuous market research, new product development and effective sales of our eco friendly products, we are confident to help our clients to gain profit.


Contact Us

EKO Enterprise Limited

Head Office:

No. 9, Lane 134, Siwei Road,
Da'an District, Taipei City, Taiwan.
Tel: +886-(0)2-23256686

HK Office:

Unit 705, Technology Park,
18 On Lai Street, Shatin, Hong Kong.
Tel: +852-31882805

Production Site:

No. 5 Xingye Road, Ya'an Industrial Park,
Ya'an City, Sichuan, P.R. China.
Tel: +86-835-3238346

E-Mail: info@ekoenterprise.com


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