• Hinged Box

Hinged Box

Full range for different size of Lunch Box and Burger Box which including the small, medium, large also with the separated Compartment for different markets.
Products can be made into
ITEM NO. : BX030
Natural Burger Box - Small
ITEM NO. : BX031
Natural Burger Box - Large
ITEM NO. : BX050
Natural Food Box - Medium
ITEM NO. : BX051
Natural Food Box - Large
ITEM NO. : BX052
Natural Food Box - Extra Large
ITEM NO. : BX061
Natural Food Box - Large 2-Compartment
ITEM NO. : BX062
Natural Food Box - Extra Large 2-Compartment
ITEM NO. : BX072
Natural Food Box - Extra Large 3-Compartment
ITEM NO. : BX096
Natural Box - Medium 2-Compartment
ITEM NO. : BX148
Natural Box - Large 2-Compartment
ITEM NO. : BX160
Natural Box - Large

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